What is video gaming addiction

Video gaming addiction is the uncontrolled or compulsive use of video games, and taking them as a priority above other productive activities.

Even though some adults are addicted to video games, it is common among teenagers and children. If video gaming addiction is not curbed, the individual can grow up to be hooked to this type of addiction, and develop other types.

One of the ways to know when video gaming addiction is at play is when the individual is restless and irritable. This means that they will not be comfortable until they satisfy their desire to play video games.

They might snap at you for no reason or behave in a way that is not typical of them because they have not played video games in a while.

Another symptom close to restlessness and irritability is preoccupation. This means that the person will always be thinking of video games instead of other productive things they should be doing. They are likely to forget important things because they are thinking of video games.

If the individual is an adult, they are likely to be thinking about games while at work, so they will do all their tasks absentmindedly because of their favorite video games.

The same applies to children and teenagers, their minds might not be focused on what the teacher is saying because of video games.

Someone addicted to video games is likely to prefer isolation instead of staying around people. They believe that the time spent with people could better be invested in enjoying their video games.

Some of the physical signs of video gaming addiction are poor personal hygiene, fatigue, migraines, etc.

If you experience some of these signs, or you know someone addicted to video gaming addiction, it is best to seek help for them. Additionally, if you are not sure, you can take some self-assessments online to know if you are addicted to video games or not.

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