what is shopping addiction

Shopping addiction can be defined as an obsessive and compulsive disorder where an individual feels the need to buy things without considering their needs, interests, and financial ability at that point.

Another way to understand shopping addiction is when you see a person who buys things impulsively without thinking.

Later on, they will realize that those things they bought were not needed. Sometimes, they promise themselves not to repeat the mistake, but they end up doing it.

One of the ways to know that you are addicted to shopping is when you are always preoccupied with it. This means that you spend the most time thinking about shopping without focusing on other productive activities. If this happens regularly, then shopping addiction is likely at play.

Another close sign is when you shop in secret. People around you must have noticed your love for shopping, and they have tried to correct you several times.

Therefore, to prevent them from talking too much, you prefer to shop when no one is looking. Additionally, you are feeling guilty about your shopping habits because you know that they are saying the truth.

One of the strong hallmarks of shopping addiction is when you allow it to compromise your well-being or what you stand for. This can include spending more than you can afford and running into debt more than you can manage.

Another example is taking money from people each time you want to shop because you don’t have enough. Also, you would prefer to shop instead of helping someone in need, like paying medical bills or giving to charity.

If you always need to shop so that you can feel normal then you might also be struggling with shopping addiction. Therefore, it is important to seek help from an addiction therapist.

They will help you uncover the root of this behavioral addiction, and proffer ways on how to break free in the long run. You can also recommend addiction treatment if you have any loved one struggling with shopping addiction.

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