What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is known to be a psychological disorder whereby an individual is unable to properly manage his or her sexual orgies, thus resulting in an insatiable desire for sex at a rate which is beyond normal. Several sexual thoughts are usually processed in the mind of a sexual addict, hence, it is usually difficult to control their sexual behaviour, and also unable to lead normal lives when it comes to their work, relationship amongst other essential life activities.

In another interesting twist, sex addiction could also surface in the life of a person who has a healthy sex life. Such person could become obsessed and get stimulated by actions and fantasies which are not generally acceptable.

Sex addiction has not been fully stated to be a medical condition, however, it has been known to unfavourably affect relationships, individual lives and families. Spotting someone who is addicted to sex might be a herculean one. This is based on the fact that people have different sexual drive or libido. For instance, someone who has a high sex drive could be considered to be an addict by someone who has a moderate sex drive.


1. Masturbation: Those who are addicted to sex might see themselves masturbating at a frequent rate, this happens usually because their sex drive has not been matched fully.

2. Pornography: This is closely related to masturbation, as those who are watch pornography would most likely masturbate in a bid to temporarily calm their sexual urge.

3. Unsafe sex practice: This is another activity which is bound to make one addicted to sex, as there would be an urge to further try out new things.

4. Patronizing prostitutes: A good number of sexual addicts would be found visiting prostitutes in order to satisfy their sexual urge.


Just like any other addiction, sex addiction could pose a difficult one to treat, one of such reasons for this is, the addicts themselves sorting reasons to justify their acts, and stating the absence of no problem.

The available treatment options are in place to ensure that this ultra-urge is reduced in a bid to improve other aspects of the individual’s life.

Self-help institutes can be of help to a sex addict, as such person would be offered some measures which would help in handling the situation.

Also, therapies and some medications might be of help to the addict to ensure that he or she gets back on track, and this would be more effective if the individual’s family and friends are available to give the needed support.

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