Internet addiction is the compulsive and obsessive desire to spend ample time on the internet. It is known that the internet can be used for productive acts.

However, when individuals in question invest this time instead of attending to productive tasks, then you can be sure that they are addicted to the internet already.

For people who are addicted to the internet, they do not like coming to terms with this reality. They believe that they are not addicted, but they are simply hardcore lovers of the internet.

In the long run, these people will begin to realize that other important aspects of their lives are not receiving as much attention as they should.

An addicted internet user would be so joyous when they are on the internet, and if they are not granted access to the internet, they would experience mild-depression for that period.

Internet addiction works similar to the concept of drug addiction. As a matter of fact, the far-reaching effects that they produce have striking similarities to one another. The only major difference is the fact that, one is behavioral addiction while the other is substance addiction.

Someone who is addicted to the internet would find it challenging to refrain from the internet. The reason for this is because, a virtual world has been created for them, where they find family and friends.

At this stage, the interest in their real loved ones would have died down, because they would most likely not be on good terms.

Internet addiction is something that increases based on the amount of time spent on the internet. This implies that someone who spends an average of two hours per day is not addicted. But someone who spends an average of 12 hours per day is most likely addicted.

They would not see sleep as a priority because of their obsessive love for the internet.

Internet addiction has four main categories that individuals experience namely: Sex, Games, Information and Relationships.

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