Drug addiction takes off where drug abuse ends; at this stage, the individual involved has the obsessive and compulsive desire to use drugs to step-up their desire for pleasure.

Drug addiction is not a one-off event that happens just like that, it starts as an abuse, then tolerance, dependence, before addiction fully sets in.

Based on studies, there are some main factors that are responsible for drug addiction: Environmental, genetic and psychological factors. These listed factors play a pivotal role in making an individual addicted to drugs.

The environment where an individual lives greatly determines if the person will be addicted or not.

If there are people who abuse drugs and other related substances in a certain environment, then there is a likely chance that people who live there would tend towards abusing drugs and become addicted eventually.

Adults who are addicted currently began to abuse drugs when they were in their teens, due to the fact that they had people who did the same thing around them.

For genetic factors, it implies that if someone has parents and family friends who are addicted, there is a likely chance that the young ones in that family would follow suit.

In addition, psychological factors involve those who experience anxiety and depression. This set of people are more likely to be addicted to drugs than others. The reason why they would indulge in abusing drugs is because of the temporary effects that comes with taking those substances.

For artistes and celebrities who find it difficult to stay in the limelight; face their fears by talking to an audience, one of the ways they help themselves is to indulge in drug abuse, which later leaves them addicted.

Drug addiction comes with short-term and long-term effects. The individual becomes less productive at works, and focuses on his addiction rather than important people around them.

Moreso, the body organs are likely to suffer from addiction, and this is not good for the addicted individual.

To combat drug addiction, one of the best ways to go about this is to go to a rehab where proficient treatment measures would be administered.  

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