What is an Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a health condition which affects people irrespective of their location or nationality, it is known as the inability of an individual to cut down on the excessive intake of alcohol, and it is also the lack of ability to manage one’s drinking habits. Alcohol addiction is most times referred to as Alcohol Use Disorder.

Addiction to alcohol has three major categories which are: Minor, moderate and critical. For each category, there are diverse symptoms which could cause side effects. These side effects when not managed, could lead to aggravated health conditions.

People who are addicted to alcohol usually feel that their body can function naturally without alcohol. Hence, this could affect one’s career, relationship and health in general.


In some cases, the warning signs of alcohol are quite obvious, while in other cases, it could take time before it becomes noticeable.

Some of the caution signs include:

1. Inability to control the consumption of alcohol: When an individual finds it hard to control the way he or she ingests alcohol, it is a certified sign that such person is addicted.

2. Making alcohol the topmost priority: Alcohol addicts are fond of doing this a lot, so they can be easily spotted. A good number of them would place alcohol above other essential responsibilities.

3. Spending excessively on alcohol: When such individual does not mind spending a significant amount of money on alcohol, then the person is addicted, and surely needs help. In cases like this, the person is bound to be insolvent frequently.


Those who are suffering from alcohol addiction are advised not to suffer in silence, as there are potent treatments which are available to help overwhelm the effects of alcohol addiction. However, there is a peculiarity for each individual, as they would need to have their own recovery plan which would be based on their personal needs, and the treatment would be given based on a structure.

Generally, the first stage to alcohol addiction treatment is detoxification, this is when medications are given to individuals to ease the pain gotten from withdrawal.

Next is rehabilitation which ensures that addicted individuals partake in a recovery program which would run alongside with their normal life.

Lastly, is maintenance, this ensures that the therapy and other recovery steps are properly followed to the letter to guarantee that the affected individual gets back on track and leads a healthy and happy life

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