What is a Gambling Addiction?

There are quite a number of definitions of gambling, however, it can basically be defined as an agreement between two or more people which involves the betting or staking of money or valuables with the intent of winning more in return.

Gambling can be said to be exciting and fun, it can be regarded as a recreational activity which is considered low-risk for some set of people. However, for others, it has gone beyond being a casual activity to serious addiction.

Gambling attains the addiction stage when it becomes something beyond your control. As a matter of fact, it would be hard for either yourself or whoever is addicted, to get a handle on it. With time, it first begins to affect your financial life, then your social, familial, recreational and other aspects of your life.

Gambling addiction is referred to a compulsive disorder which is stated by the incapability to quit the act of gambling notwithstanding the losses which might be regular or intermittent. It is a treatable disorder which people often seek when they realize that they have lost almost all in their possession.

Gambling addiction can be likened to the high state which is gotten when hard drugs are ingested. In gambling, the winning mentality is total, hence, there is a drive which motivates the individual to chase the big win. The same applies to an individual who is hooked on hard drugs for the purpose of getting high.

Those who are addicted to gambling, would definitely lie about how much they are staking, and how frequent they gamble. This is usually done to prevent criticisms from their family and friends. However, they would definitely make it known to everyone whenever they win.

Also, they could go the extent of taking a loan in order to gamble, they do this with the hope that they would win big, and they would be able to repay the debt and still have enough on their hands. In sad cases, the reverse has been the case, as most of them usually end up being bankrupt, up to the point where they would have to sell their assets.

As a psychological disorder, addicted gamblers cannot quit on their own, they definitely need help, and it must be gotten from the right quarters. There are proven effective treatment options such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and the likes, which would help to address this addiction.

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