What is a Drug Addiction?

An addiction is a disease which does not only affect the brain, but also an individual’s behaviour. Once someone is addicted to drugs, it would be so difficult to resist the urge not to make use of the drug, not minding the fact if the drug in question is dangerous to the body.

An addicted individual finds it hard to stop and this could lead to the health of the individual being in grave danger. Asides the health, other aspects of the individual’s life such as family, emotional, financial amongst others, could experience a downward turn.

Drug addiction does not only have to be cocaine, heroin and the likes, it is possible for a person to be addicted to legal substances as well. An individual might choose to ingest a drug simply because the resultant feeling is surreal, and such individual wants a repeat version of this good feeling. The individual might then feel that it is easy to control its usage, if care is not taken, such individual could lose self-control which could then lead to destructive behaviours.


1. Urge to use the drug frequently: If an individual regularly craves for the need to use drugs, it is a strong indication that such individual is addicted. In this case, the drug might be used every day or several times in a day depending on the severity of the addiction.

2. The drug is always with you: When an individual is found to always be in the possession of drugs, it is a sign that the individual is addicted to the usage, and must seek urgent help.

3. Continuous usage of the drug not minding the consequence: For instance, if an individual does not care about getting into trouble at work for using a drug, this implies that such person is addicted.


Overcoming drug addiction is a gradual process which the addicted individual must be willing to pass through.
Detoxification is a sure step to treating drug addiction, as the body would be totally drained of all drugs, and the symptoms associated with withdrawal would be managed.

Also, such individual would need to undergo series of therapy, counselling and follow-up, to ensure that the individual does not experience what is called relapse. Medication could also suffice, as it is effective in combating mental health conditions gotten from drug addiction.

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