Gambling can be regarded as an activity which presents much fun and excitement. In some cases, it could be a recreational activity for some individuals. However, it could change from being something which is done casually, to a serious form of addiction.

Gambling is said to be an addiction when it is an activity which you cannot control, and with time you discover that it begins to affect important aspects of your life such as your social, recreational, financial and familial functioning.

Just like other forms of addiction, gambling addiction is linked with dopamine release which is around ten times beyond normal. This substance is known as a neurotransmitter which gives the good feeling, and it is usually active around the reward centres of the brain.

Hence, once you get the good feeling, it informs you that the activity is harmless, and craving the feeling would set in. Before you know it, the “harmless activity” has turned into what could be termed as a compulsive necessity.

One major effect which gambling addiction comes with, is financial instability. A person who is addicted to gambling would definitely not want to stop, as they always believe that luck would shine on them the next time. If they happen to lose next, there is always this urge to keep trying till they win. Before they know it, they would realize that much money has been invested into gambling, and it gets even worse for those who have savings, as it would be hard to keep up.

In addition to this, those who are addicted to gambling usually suffer from anxiety and depression. There are some forms of gambling activities which could require you to wait for some hours or days, before you can get the result of your gambling expedition. During this period of time, you would not be settled, as you would feel stressed and your thoughts would be disturbed.

If you happen to lose eventually, depression sets in, which has the capacity to make life even more difficult for you. If care is not taken, chronic depression could set in, which could result in you having suicidal thoughts.

Conclusively, gambling addiction draws you away from your family and friends, it strains your relationship, and with time, it results in you being isolated and lonely.


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