Substance Addictions

addicted to a substanceA substance addiction is one of several types of addiction. When a person is addicted to ingesting a substance, it is referred to as a substance addiction. Substance addictions comes in many forms and produce many different effect. Several different types of substance addictions are as follows.

  • Alcohol. This substance can easily be considered the most addictive, unnecessary substance on earth. It is more available for purchase to the public than any other substance besides food. An overwhelming majority of Canadians have access to alcohol close to their homes. Alcohol alters a person’s mood which many people find desirable, but it creates a physical dependence within people, meaning if a person drinks it regularly, they will have to keep increasing the amount they ingest in order to keep feeling its effects. When a person overuses it, they will begin to suffer serious mental and physical health problems. Canadians struggling with an alcohol dependence should reach out to an alcoholism treatment center in Alberta, a detox center in Ontario or an alcohol rehab BC.
  • Street Drugs. Illegal drugs are also called street drugs. They include substances such as heroine, cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms, PCP, cannabis and a number of other fringe drugs. New street drugs emerge all the time because people continuously create new ones in search of a new high. A number of these street drugs are highly addictive for the mood altering effects that they possess.
  • Prescription Drugs. People become addicted to prescription drugs more often than the public realizes. Prescription medications such as opiate pain killers become addictive because a person’s dosage needs to be continuously increased in order for them to keep feeling the effects of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms to prescription drugs can be severe, which inspires the addict to continue abusing them.
  • Food. Everyone needs food in order to survive. That complicates matters where addiction is concerned. One has to consider balance and moderation in assessing a food addiction. If a person abuses food and eats it in excess of what is good for them in order to feel normal, stabilize their mood or get a high, they are a food addict.
  • Tobacco. Cigarettes and tobacco are a legal recreational substance. They produce a calming effect within the smoker. Unfortunately, they are also highly addictive as well as dangerous. Cigarettes are especially dangerous because they contain tar and harsh chemicals, but smoking any plant matter can cause lung disease.
  • Other. Lastly, some people ingest strange substances that do not fit with any other character

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