What is video gaming addiction

Video gaming addiction is the uncontrolled or compulsive use of video games, and taking them as a priority above other productive activities. Even though some adults are addicted to video games, it is common among teenagers and children. If video gaming addiction is not curbed, the individual can grow up to be hooked to this […]

what is shopping addiction

Shopping addiction can be defined as an obsessive and compulsive disorder where an individual feels the need to buy things without considering their needs, interests, and financial ability at that point. Another way to understand shopping addiction is when you see a person who buys things impulsively without thinking. Later on, they will realize that […]


Drug addiction takes off where drug abuse ends; at this stage, the individual involved has the obsessive and compulsive desire to use drugs to step-up their desire for pleasure. Drug addiction is not a one-off event that happens just like that, it starts as an abuse, then tolerance, dependence, before addiction fully sets in. Based […]


Internet addiction is the compulsive and obsessive desire to spend ample time on the internet. It is known that the internet can be used for productive acts. However, when individuals in question invest this time instead of attending to productive tasks, then you can be sure that they are addicted to the internet already. For […]


Gambling can be regarded as an activity which presents much fun and excitement. In some cases, it could be a recreational activity for some individuals. However, it could change from being something which is done casually, to a serious form of addiction. Gambling is said to be an addiction when it is an activity which […]

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is known to be a psychological disorder whereby an individual is unable to properly manage his or her sexual orgies, thus resulting in an insatiable desire for sex at a rate which is beyond normal. Several sexual thoughts are usually processed in the mind of a sexual addict, hence, it is usually difficult […]

What is an Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a health condition which affects people irrespective of their location or nationality, it is known as the inability of an individual to cut down on the excessive intake of alcohol, and it is also the lack of ability to manage one’s drinking habits. Alcohol addiction is most times referred to as Alcohol […]

What is a Gambling Addiction?

There are quite a number of definitions of gambling, however, it can basically be defined as an agreement between two or more people which involves the betting or staking of money or valuables with the intent of winning more in return. Gambling can be said to be exciting and fun, it can be regarded as […]

What is a Food Addiction?

Food is quintessential to our survival and it is a necessary aspect of our wellness. Asides the pleasure and enjoyment which comes with taking in food, it also provides sustenance and satisfaction Food addiction can be referred to as the act of being hooked on junk food just the way people get addicted to drugs. […]

What is a Drug Addiction?

An addiction is a disease which does not only affect the brain, but also an individual’s behaviour. Once someone is addicted to drugs, it would be so difficult to resist the urge not to make use of the drug, not minding the fact if the drug in question is dangerous to the body. An addicted […]